How does Hollywood change people for worse   

Hollywood is the world most famous Film industries.  It has been highlighted by the Biograph Company in the year 1910 has moved to the west coast. Hollywood is always famously known as the home for the glamour and glitz from the famous golden era of the silver screen to the modern cinema.  Hollywood always has the certain mysterious allure that all the winnable stars would die to be the part of it. Hollywood had made and changed the life of many people and paid them well for all their hard work.

Hollywood sells dream, period! The fame and fortune of Hollywood is such that the aspirants are constantly charmed and seduced by the glory of it all. One such individual on whom Hollywood has smiled upon graciously, is Robert Simonds. The American Film producer, Robert Bruce Simonds, is also a movie entrepreneur, film distributor and founder and C.E.O of the Studio STX Entertainment. Robert Simonds in his career, has produced around 30 films and has generated a worldwide revenue of $6 billion. Robert Simonds has the best single studio track record for the profitability of the films he produces. An interview with Bob Simonds in Hollywood Reporter, discusses exclusively of the entrepreneurs efforts and success.

But Hollywood is not always so much great full to everyone like it is to Bob Symonds Hollywood is not just about Glamour and Fame but is also having a darker side. Hollywood is affecting the lives of people whether there are connected to Hollywood or not. Here are some points that how Hollywood changes and affecting people for worse.

  • First Hollywood makes people to take big Dreams, but not everyone got the Success in Hollywood. So after failure, many people got depressed which results in Robberies and Suicides.
  • Hollywood is known for setting the trend and nowadays it is going some other way the trend they are setting is completely changed that indicates more value of the things that the person
  • Kids are the one those are getting more affected by the Hollywood. Most of the Movies show murder, robbery, child abuse, terrorism etc which is putting a very wrong impact on them.
  • Hollywood Movies gives rise to the sexual abuse. It was once stated in the reports that most of accused of raping try to attempt the things they watch the movies.
  • Most of the Producers and Investors get completely destroyed after their movies get failed.
  • Youngsters try to attempt the Stunts showed in Hollywood movies in which failure results in the serious injuries and even Death.

These are few of the Points that How Hollywood is changing people Life for the worse. As it should be controlled before it too late and people should also take care that what to take and what to not as Hollywood not only makes you worst but also motivates and teaches us well. We should learn from the Stories of the People just like Robert Simonds those who worked hard and make their Name in Hollywood.