How to cure a dry cough with natural remedies?

A person suffering from coughing only understands the irritation it causes. Moreover, cough also causes embarrassment if it happens in public places. Every other person near the suffering one throws a disgusting tantrum. Coughing is the most common form of ailment, but if not taken care of properly then it can result in severe diseases like tuberculosis and influenza. There are some natural remedies that one can try to overcome this health issue. Few easier remedies are mentioned below.

Homemade Cough Syrup

There are many cough syrups available in the medical stores, but those contain synthetic compounds which are harmful to one’s health. Generally, these syrups inhibit the effect of drowsiness. But a cough syrup can be prepared at home also using natural herbs and home items. The homemade cough syrup basically consists of two main compounds thyme and peppermint, both of these compounds are decongestants and help to soothe the burning sensation in throats. What one needs to do is collect leaves of thyme and peppermint, crush them. Once the leaves are finally crushed, a bowl of water shall be taken and heated for 5-10 minutes. After the water is heated, add the mixture of leaves and raw honey to it. This mixture shall be stirred well and then whenever needed a teaspoon shall be drank.

Nigella Sativa Oil

This natural remedy is also referred as black seed oil or black cumin. It is a black color seed which has many medicinal characteristics. Numerous diseases can be cured by digesting cumin seed. Crushed seeds are less effective as compared to oil extract from seeds. Most people prefer to mix a teaspoonful of black seed oil and raw honey as a medicine for curing dry cough. Moreover, this mixture also has the ability to cure other airborne diseases like cold and flu.


Purple coneflower is a wildflower from the land of North America. This flower can also effectively cure a dry and persistent cough, but it is not a fast remedy as compared to others. The tincture boosts white cell tasks hence it is suggested that this medicine should be taken as soon as a cough is detected. If this medicine is takenregularly, it proves very effective against a persistent cough. The coneflower tea or tincture can be prepared by boiling the leaves of flower in water for few minutes. If the taste is found displeasing, then a drop of tincture tea can be added to normal tea.

How to cure a dry cough with natural remedies?

Juice of Aloevera Plant

Aloeverais considered as the best herb in Ayurvedic science. The researchers have found that Aloevera plant contains a gel which can provide relief to tissues that have aburning sensation. The aloevera gel has antimicrobial characteristics which help get rid ofa dry cough caused due to allergies and several other infections of thethroat. The aloevera gel can be extracted by splitting open an aloeveraleaf; it is preferred to digest the gel without any sweetener. If one finds it toobitter, then he/she can add a spoon of raw honey and then digest the mixture.